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Benefits of drinking hot water: Scientifically proven reasons

Sip your hot water like you sip your tea

Benefits of drinking hot water to make your life easier by making slight changes. As the sun rises every day, our body needs to hydrate every day. While there are ample drinks to quench your thirst, nothing can beat the benefits of drinking hot water. Drinking eight glasses of water is the most common suggestion given by every health expert, from doctors to dieticians. In fact, water is the most recommended drink to intake immediately after getting out of bed. Where drinking water has many benefits, drinking it at a certain temperature, cold, warm, or hot, gives you the bonus.

Drinking hot or cold water keeps us hydrated and healthy. Some dieticians recommend sipping hot water slowly like you sip your tea. Some might say that it burns your lips and harms the esophagus, and you must be slightly cautious while drinking hot water and keep it at a temperature that suits you. The Health Fortune has listed here 12 benefits of drinking hot water that you must know to understand how it improves your health and acts as a remedy. Trust us; it will make you start sipping it right away.

Here are 12 benefits of drinking hot water that you must know

1. Hot water aids digestion

One of the most practical benefits of drinking hot water is it pushes your metabolism to function efficiently. We often overeat; drinking hot water activates your digestive system. It dissolves and breaks down the food that we find difficult to digest. An uneven time gap between meals creates a problem of gastritis, and sipping hot water is one good remedy to cure such problems. This remedy might not be effective for every person. But drinking warm water soothes your digestive tract and eases the process of digestion, and you can also control stomach pain with hot water.

2. Relieves you from nasal congestion

Nasal congestion is a common problem as the temperature starts falling, significantly when seasons change, we often catch a common cold. Hot water helps to unclog the sinuses and loosen up the stuffy nose by inhaling the steam from the water. This acts as the best remedy for soothing your throat, giving warmth, relieving sinus headaches, and clearing the mucus build-up. You can also add some herbs and ginger to enhance its taste and effect. These drinks are helpful only when they are warm or hot and will not have any positive effect if they are cold or at room temperature.

3. Relieves constipation

The leading cause of constipation is dehydration. When suffering from a slow bowel movement, hot water can help you relieve the problem as it softens the stool and makes it easier to pass. It is suggested that hot water is better than cold water as it is more effective in breaking down fat and helps keep your bowel movement regular.

4. Cures menstrual cramps

During the menstrual cycle, women tend to find warm drinks more comforting. Drinking hot water has a calming impact on your abdominal muscles.

5. Comforts during winter

The benefits of drinking warm water are best felt during winters. The body often responds by shivering; hot water helps you maintain body temperature without you making any extra effort. Consumption of tea and coffee also increases during winters that have a considerable amount of caffeine which is often a cause of health issues like heart failure, increased heart rate, and high blood pressure, among others. On the other hand, hot water keeps us hydrated in winters when our body already feels dried up while providing many health benefits and near to no side effects on health.

6. Decreases stress level

Drinking hot water is always related to calm and stress-free minds. This might not be backed up by evident scientific research but sipping hot water calms your muscles and brain nerves which accelerates your thinking and keeps you distant from anxiety and depression.

7. Detoxifies your body

Hot water is said to remove harmful toxins from your body. It reduces inflammation and helps lubricate your joints. All the dieticians and fitness trainers recommend high intakes of water. Further experts emphasize that hot water kills the harmful infection-causing toxins in your body and cleanses it from within.

Benefits of drinking warm water

8. Relieves achalasia symptoms

Achalasia is a rare disorder that affects the lower part of your esophagus and makes it difficult for food to pass through it. Drinking warm water can help break down the food and digest it more comfortably.

9. Better sleep

Studies suggest that drinking warm water before going to sleep improves sleep quality as it calms your mind and soothes your body systems, reducing your restlessness during sleep.

10. Promotes skin health

As we discussed earlier, one of the benefits of drinking hot water is it detoxifies your body from various harmful toxins. These toxins are responsible for aging and acne. Sipping hot water increases the skin’s elasticity and gives you a clear texture of the skin as it deep cleanses your body and gets rid of all toxins.

11. Improves circulation

Hot water acts as a vasodilator, which means it expands your blood vessels and also breaks down the fat deposits around it. Hot water lets your blood flow more easily through the blood vessels. This improves your nervous system’s health and increases the efficiency of your brain functions. A person with high cholesterol is recommended to increase hot water intake.

12. Weight loss

One of the biggest reasons a person starts sipping hot water is when they aim to lose some extra kilos. Every dietician today recommends starting your day with a glass of warm or hot water with multiple combinations like

  • Lukewarm water with lemon and honey.
  • Warm water with cinnamon.
  • Hot water with ginger.

These combinations with the goodness of different spices and vitamin C boost your metabolism in the morning only and cleanse your system. It increases your metabolic rate, creates a feeling of fullness, and helps your body absorb nutrients and flush the waste out of your system. Sounds like a complete health package to us.

Risks to keep in mind these benefits of drinking warm water

We have discussed all the benefits of drinking warm water, but we want you to be cautious of all the possible risks here at The Health Fortune. Do not drink boiling water. Always prepare hot water; it should be at a temperature that does not burn your tongue, lips, and esophagus. And if you have any signs of inflammation during summers, do not push yourself to sip hot water; you can try water that is slightly above normal room temperature.

The bottom line is that consuming water at higher room temperature can prevent many health problems and enhance your quality of life. You must start your day with a glass of hot water, also add it half an hour before and after your meals. And end your day with a glass of warm water and add some herbs to it to enhance the benefits of drinking hot water. You will see a significant difference in your life.

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