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Why hugs are healthy for good life?

Giving and receiving hugs are healthy

Have you ever heard the phrase “just hug it out” but didn’t take it seriously? Well, you should. Hugging someone is therapeutic. It’s a stress buster. Hugs are healthy for every people and, make them feel so much joy in life, and it also helps leave behind any negativity one may feel.

Have you ever felt a sense of relief when someone hugs you and you are sad, or you might have jumped on someone when you are thrilled? These are all emotions that heighten when you hug someone. You feel a sense of want and love when hugging your people. These emotions amplify because hugging someone is comforting. It’s excellent for your health and mental being.

Give a hug to your loved ones next time when you see them. They are free of cost and help you gain so much more than just happiness.

Here are some health benefits of hugging

Improves mood instantly

When one is sad and feels left out, a hug does wonders. One hug from someone instantly lifts your mood and helps you express all your emotions without inhibitions. It’s good for your mental health because letting out your thoughts, stress, and feelings is the key to improving your mental strength.

Helps reduce stress

Stress is the biggest enemy of mental stability. With the kind of lifestyle we lead and the daily work and social stress we incur, people often become more a robot than humans. As human beings, it’s important to let go and express ourselves. Hugs for healthy comfort from your partner or friend bring one’s mind to ease and relax one.

Humans need physical touch to feel emotions, and a hug is just the right remedy to make them feel good emotions. It brings on the feeling of want and love. That feeling alleviates stress and brings one’s mood into good light.

Improves heart health

The physical affection one gets from their loved ones while they hug brings the blood pressure levels to normal and reduces the heart rate. The emotions and comfort one feel while they hug improve their body function.

giving and receiving hugs for a healthier you

Makes you less sick

Studies show that the people who share hugs more tend to become less ill. If a sick person receives love and cares through hugs, they recover faster. The hormone Oxytocin is released while hugging. This hormone reduces inflammation, and therefore, wounds heal more quickly. Our immune system hampers more if we stress, and a hug can help us relieve stress.

Good for people with depression

When someone deals with depression, they need love and attention from their people the most. If you hug someone who’s depressed, they feel wanted and less lonely. They feel more energized and can concentrate better on day-to-day occurrences.

Good for developing brains in children

Who doesn’t like to give a squeeze to a child? Well, they are really for their health and brain. It’s a great form of sensory development for children. Their brains grow faster and healthily when they receive hugs.

Children who grow up in orphanages are seen to have cognitive development issues and a lack of developed motor skills. That’s associated with less acceptance of affection and love, like hugging and kissing.

Besides this, hugging is a form of expression for children that lets them feel safe. It helps them build trust, communication, and connection with them.


Humans are better together. They are more content and cherish life much more when they receive and give love. Hugging is a natural form of expressing love and care for someone. When presented in abundance, one naturally feels happier and livelier.

Spreading happiness and receiving should be the way of life. Along with it automatically comes good mental and physical health for all.

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