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Top hydrating and soothing face masks for your skin


15 Best hydrating and soothing face masks

Face masks that will hydrate and soothe your skin leaving behind smooth and glowing skin.

As the skincare routines have become the new language for self-love. The undeniable comfort that face masks offer is when you lie down applying your favorite mask or sheet mask with light music or your favorite Netflix series. The face mask is the most important step to healing the skin damage in your skincare routine. Ranging from deep exfoliating masks to hydrating overnight face masks, markets are full of varieties that cater to multiple skin types and needs. So do identify your skin type before you want to invest your time and money in face masks.

In this article, The Health Fortune has listed face masks that will soothe your skin and hydrate the damaged skin cells. From the brands and formulas that we have been using for a while to face masks with Korean formulas, we have listed the 15 best face masks for hydrating and soothing skin.

1. Honey and jasmine face mask- The organic pharmacy

Of course, a face mask should feel luxurious, but you also want to see real benefits, which is where the organic pharmacy comes in.

This indulgent option includes fragrant jasmine, antibacterial honey, and skin-softening shea butter for a lovely aroma. Allow 10 minutes (or more) to pass before attempting to quit stroking your silky skin.

2. Drink up intensive hydrating overnight face mask- Origins

Origins’ sleeping mask includes hyaluronic acid and avocado butter, among other hydrating elements.

The faint aroma and ultra-hydrating composition are the key factors that made this face mask on the list.

However, redness was reported by some individuals with extremely sensitive skin. Citrus oils, limonene, and linalool are all common skin sensitizers in this formulation.

3. Kiehl’s avocado nourishing hydrating face mask

We know you’d rather smear avocado on your toast than put it on your face, but we’re here to tell you that this fatty-acid-rich fruit is also great for parched skin.

This super-hydrating mask from Kiehl’s is enriched with evening primrose oil to increase its softening properties. It’s thick and creamy, like a face conditioner, and it makes skin look plump and supple.

4. The body shop- Mediterranean almond milk and oats soothing face mask

This face mask takes the prize for best-smelling face mask because of its natural almond aroma (possibly ever). The oats in this product function as a gentle exfoliant that won’t bother even the most delicate skin, with a porridge-like consistency that isn’t too gritty. The mild exfoliation of the mask removes any flakiness, allowing the oils to do their most soothing work.

5. Laneige water sleeping mask

This popular overnight mask can be used on any skin type. It helps with dull and uneven skin tone in addition to moisturizing the skin.

Mineral water, plant extracts, and hyaluronic acid are included in the gel-based product to moisturize and brighten the face.

It’s also dermatologist-approved and non-comedogenic.

The gel’s flawless finish is praised by multiple reviewers on amazon, who also enjoy how little is needed. People have conflicting feelings about the fragrance. The floral tones are liked by some, yet they are described as overbearing by others.

6. Pacifica guacamole face mask

I’m sure we’ve all wanted to slather our faces in guacamole. While slathering the delicious dip all over your face and body is not socially acceptable, it is acceptable to slather this mask all over your face and body.

Aloe, avocado oil, spirulina, and lime oil are all included in this mix. It’s also vegan, with 100% recyclable plastic packaging.

The mixture hydrates smell fantastic, and provides a relaxing, cooling sensation, according to reviewers. People with sensitive skin, on the other hand, should avoid this.

The mask is vegan and cruelty-free like all Pacifica products. You can send back your empty razors or toothbrushes to be transformed into razors or toothbrushes, which helps to restrict fresh plastic manufacture. And this brand will also offer you future discounts.

7. Cosrx honey overnight mask

Apply it for a short 20-minute boost or leave it on the night for maximum power. This mask is developed to be soft even on eczema-prone skin, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. One of the best compositions for people with extremely sensitive skin.

8. Glow recipe watermelon sleeping mask

With naturally derived lactic acid and glycolic acid, Glow Recipe gives ever-so-gentle exfoliation. It promotes a glowy complexion without irritating sensitive skin, thanks to calming ingredients like watermelon and pumpkin extract.

9. Dermalogica skin hydrating face mask

This long-loved mask from dermalogica is infused with botanicals like bitter orange, hops, rosemary, and horsetail.

10. Avene skin hydrating sheet mask

The lightweight rice germ oil, mixed with plant oils and extracts, soothes and replenishes the skin in this mask, which is made up of a super-thin microfiber sheet that is 100 times thinner than a strand of hair.

11. Neutrogena hydro-boost

Fancy creams and masks are enjoyable to treat yourself to now and then, but this widely available, budget-friendly sheet mask is ideal for daily skincare.

Hyaluronic acid is used in the hydrogel mask to moisturize and smooth the face. Simply put it on for 30 minutes and then discard it.

The gel consistency absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave a greasy residue, and moisturizes nicely, according to users.

The disadvantages? It’s not as moisturizing as some of our other suggestions, and the smell isn’t for everyone, a lot of reviewers do not prefer a watery smell.

12. Tonymoly hydrating aloe mask

Another inexpensive sheet mask option is this one. This one, unlike our Neutrogena option, has aloe vera, which helps to nourish and soothe dehydrated skin. For a boost of hydration, leave the mask on for up to 20 minutes.

The mask is said to hydrate and soften skin, according to users. However, some users have reported that the mask leaves a sticky residue on their faces and causes irritation.

13. Tatcha luminous dewy face mask

The lightweight rice germ oil, mixed with plant oils and extracts, soothes and replenishes the skin in this mask, which is made up of a super-thin microfiber sheet that is 100 times thinner as compared to a strand of hair.

14. Garnier skin active hydrating face mask

Sheet masks might irritate many people but this one is an exception you must try. These sheet masks are like a glass of water for my skin, quickly reviving it when it’s looking dull. I shine in the morning after using one before bed. I’m also not complaining about the low cost.

15. Simple dewy glow mask

Dry skin is a severe problem beyond the age of 40. A decrease in hyaluronic acid and estrogen levels might lead to dehydration. That’s why, from cleansers to creams and everything in between, I’m always seeking quick, easy, and efficient solutions to hydrate. This sheet mask stands up to its name, in my opinion. To properly quench and seal in lasting moisture, I layer it on top of a barrier-repairing cream once a week.

When you start looking for a face mask, there are multiple factors that you would want to consider. Especially the ingredients, a sensitive skincare routine requires ingredients that are not harsh to the skin and not only hydrate the skin but soothe it from skin damage.

Ingredients like oatmeal, Centella Asiatica, niacinamide, aloe vera, squalene, green tea leaf, cucumber extract, and rice water. These ingredients help soothe your skin and are not harsh.

After finding out the right ingredients, you need to see what kind of application you consider. In face masks, there are multiple options available like sheet masks, peel-off masks, overnight masks, and masks that you can remove after a specific period.

Multiple brands offer masks with different ingredients and ways of application. It is up to you what suits you the most.



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