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Laughing everyday keeps the doctor at bay

Have you encountered a group of people in the park laughing everyday out loud together, and you find it funny? Well, you shouldn’t. They are laughing to relieve their stress, and so should you be doing.

Yes, it’s true. Laughter is an exercise that you should practice every day for your physical and mental being. Laughter can bring joy to one’s life and help one fight many health and mental health problems.

It brings emotional and physical changes in the body while it helps diminish stress and anxiety to a great extent. Just laugh out loud if you seek to bring balance to your mind, body, and soul. What’s the best part? It’s free of cost, fun, and brings so much enlightenment to your life.

There is a reason why children are so stress-free and full of life. They laugh at small things many times a day. Try to seek all opportunities to find humor in daily life situations and make your life easy with immense joy and fun.

Health benefits of laughing everyday

Controls blood levels

Laughter improves the blood flow and the function of blood vessels. This leads to a healthy heart decreasing the chances of heart problems like heart attacks.

Body relaxation

Laughing heartily relaxes one’s body immediately and relieves one from stress and anxiety. It also relaxes the body muscles and helps you rejuvenate. Best

Medication for anger

We become deluded when angry, and our brain stops functioning in the positive direction. It causes us to be more irrational and headstrong. But a burst of shared laughter can bring perspective to the conversation. The mind becomes more relaxed and helps us think clearly and leave negativity behind.

It burns calories

Laughing out loud for 15 minutes daily helps the body reduce at least 40 calories. But that’s not a replacement for a gym, though.

It helps relieve endorphins

Endorphins are good hormones that make one stress-free and promote an overall sense of well-being. Laughing helps release them from the body, and it can also reduce the physical pain of some sort.

Boosts immune system

Laughing helps in increasing immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies. They play a crucial role in improving the human body’s defense system.

benefits of laughing everyday, Laughing everyday keeps the doctor at bay

Laughter improves mental health

Our mind is directly linked with the mood of the person. We feel anxiety, depression, panic, and anger all the time. They are enhanced due to one’s insecurity, confidence, and other social reasons.

But sharing a laugh with loved ones and friends can help the cause. When one is in a happy mood, it becomes easy for one to control their feelings and emotions. They can adjust better to the people around them. They feel less insecure and more confident.

People going through depression feel less lonely and feel wanted when sharing a good laugh with someone. When you stress less, focusing on the more important parts of life becomes easy, and your confidence regenerates.

A simple smile can give one hope and meaning in life. Laughing everyday and making others laugh helps one increase their social stature among colleagues and other social people. It makes you feel positive and gives you a sense of security in general. One becomes more optimistic about situations and people.

How to laugh more

Laughing is easy, and it doesn’t cost a thing. But still, we hardly witness many doing it a lot. Why? There must be a reason people don’t smile more, and there is always an environment of stress and tension in offices, homes, and public areas.

It’s mainly because people’s priorities are more about making earnings for the family, completing the tasks at hand, or just the rush of reaching home after a day’s work. But where is the happiness amongst all this?

In today’s time and age, with the busy schedules people follow, it’s imperative to make conscious efforts to be happy and laugh your guts out.

Start with being more spontaneous and less stringent. Smile effortlessly on the smallest of hands, and you’ll feel much happier from within. Express your feelings and emotions without thinking about what others might conceive of you. They don’t care; they have enough on their plates.

Crack a joke or find funny situations. If there aren’t any, then make some. People around you will automatically like you better. Release inhibitions and just relax. Take a deep breath and put your mind at ease during the day.

It’s important to find humor in serious situations like a fight or a disagreement. A laugh can resolve all. Instead of getting angry and shouting at the other person, crack a joke about the situation.

It helps bring an excellent perspective to the situation on both person’s ends. One opens up more to listen to each other and understand one another better.

Smiling and laughing everyday should be a conscious effort. Try to mingle with people who are fun and easy to be with. Stay away from negativity and negative people. If you see some people laughing together, joining them is good. Don’t feel inhibited and rather mingle on.

Always count your blessings and try to see the positive side of things. That will immediately put you in a good mood and help you find laughter in life’s smallest things.

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