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Top medicine balls to buy up to your workout regime

8 medicine balls that you need to add to your gym for a perfect workout regime.

Medicine balls are a simple and cost-effective addition to your home gym. You can improve your muscle strength and add some of the best training to your aerobic program when you invest in the best medicine ball. Medicine balls can aid in injury healing and allow you to improve your coordination and balance. Picking the right medicine ball for you might be a challenge because they come in a variety of sizes and weights.

Medicine balls can be used in a variety of ways in workouts, and there are many different varieties of medicine balls on the market, just as there are many different purposes for them. Firmer medical balls with a lot of bounce are fantastic for slams, while softer medicine balls are good for conditioning routines and things like core exercises and wall balls. We divided the best medicine balls on the market into several categories in this round-up to help you discover the right one for your home gym.

1. CAP barbell medicine ball

For women, the Cap Barbell Medicine Ball is the greatest medicine ball. This traditional fitness equipment is lightweight, has a tiny diameter, and has a wonderfully textured grip. It is used to improve endurance, strength, and coordination. Women may undertake movement-based and dynamic entire-body workouts with this compact and light ball. It’s available in six different weights and a two-tone color scheme. This ball bounces easily and is perfect for core, leg, and arm exercises.

2. Amazon basics medicine ball

Have you ever had to transport a gallon of milk, water, or juice? Even if you’re new to resistance training, you can drag or toss this no-frills, basic ball because it’s roughly the same size and weighs less than two pounds.

This ball has just enough bounce thanks to the multicolored rubber exterior. Furthermore, because of its gripping, dimpled covering, you’ll be able to catch and, more crucially, hold on to this ball.

3. Yes 4 all slam medicine ball

Let’s face it, during a workout, everyone’s palms sweat a little. Regrettably, this does not make utilizing a med ball any less difficult (or safer).

Fortunately, this slam ball has enough tread to withstand even the slickest of hands. The exterior shell is made of a grippy PVC material with raised ridges for added traction. This one also has sand in it to keep the ball from rolling away between slams.

This ball has a diameter of 9.75 inches for 10- to 20-pounders and 11 inches for 25- to 40-pounders.

4. SPRI dual grip xerball

The SPRI Dual Grasp Xerball is a medicine ball with two handles for easy grip. Abdominal and rotating motions, as well as lower-body movement activities, are excellent for this ball. Its handles and synthetic rubber PVC structure are ideal for rotational core exercises as well as arm and leg activities. It also comes with a safety and effectiveness instruction booklet. It also has a textured exterior that is easy to grip and can support up to 20 pounds of weight.

5. Can do dual-handle medicine ball

Everyone’s hands sweat a little during a workout, right? This, unfortunately, does not make using a med ball any easier (or safer).

The tread on this slam ball is sufficient to resist even the slickest of palms. The outside shell is comprised of a sticky PVC material with raised ridges for increased traction. Sand is included in this one to prevent the ball from rolling away between slams.

For 10- to 20-pounders, the diameter is 9.75 inches, and for 25- to 40-pounders, it is 11 inches.

6. Day 1 fitness weighted slam medicine ball

The Day 1 Fitness Slam Ball is a medicine ball that does not bounce. Its extra-tough and thick shell minimize impact from prolonged use, and it comes in a variety of weights ranging from 10 to 50 pounds. It’s perfect for high-intensity workouts, functional strength training, aerobics, and Cross-Fit. The weight is designed to rotate around on the inside of the medicine ball to assist improve your core muscle group.

7. Titan fitness soft medicine ball

Leather medicine balls, as opposed to rubber and plastic versions, are softer and gentler on surfaces such as your home’s floors and walls. Anyone who prefers to exercise at home may wish to consider leather.

Although rubber is normally easier to grasp, Titan Fitness’ leather ball has thick, raised stitches going along the front and back, providing a little extra traction.

8. VALEO medicine ball

The Valeo Medicine Ball is a traditional medicine ball with a wide range of applications. It aids in the development of core strength, coordination, and balance. It’s also great for muscle building, strength training, plyometric training, and balance training. Weights of 4 lbs, 6 lbs, 8 lbs, 10 lbs, and 12 lbs. are available for this medicine ball. The weight of the balls is indicated by the color of the balls. The ball bounces off hard surfaces thanks to its durable rubber composition and easy-grip rubber surface. This medicine ball comes with an activity wall chart to help you get in shape.

Medicine Balls

Factors to consider before purchasing your medicine ball

The Health Fortune recommends analyzing the following factors,

1. Bounce

Med balls are a very useful piece of exercise equipment. When thrown against the ground, some bounce back, while others stay put.

The type of workouts you intend to do will determine which medicine ball is appropriate for you. A bounced ball is recommended for those who want to play wall balls or other fast-paced activities. These are usually lighter and more solid.

A zero-bounce ball, on the other hand, is great for carrying or slamming activities. These are heavier and softer than harder rubber balls and are also known as slam balls.

2. Weight

The ideal medicine ball weight is determined by your strength and fitness goals. Choose a weight that is comfortably challenging if you intend to use your ball mostly for medicine ball strength training. Find a weight that is similar to the dumbbell weights you use at the gym.

Light med balls, on the other hand, will be suitable for high-intensity cardio exercises and workouts. Consider the following scenario: a weight loss of no more than 10 pounds.

If you have access to a gym, try out a couple of different weights. This will provide you with a fair notion of your ideal weight.

3. Material

Medicine balls are made up of two materials either rubber ( which also includes rubber and plastic) and leather.

Rubber medicine balls are ideal for those who want their ball to bounce during the workout. These are lightweight and durable in the long run. Whereas leather balls are preferred by those who work out at home and do not want a bouncy ball but rather a soft which they can use against the wall.

4. Handles

Not all med balls have handles and the balls that have handles can’t be tossed and bounced. Handles allow you to grasp and hold the balls single-handed.

Considering all the factors mentioned above before purchasing a medicine ball or a slam ball is really important to see which type of ball is best suited for your workout. A slight difference between slam and medicine balls that you must be aware of is medicine balls are softer and larger in size which is preferred when you do exercises like push-ups and wall tosses as they bounce back. And slam balls are hard and smaller in size, they do not bounce back and are preferred for lateral throws, overhead slams and chest passes.

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