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Best peptides for muscle growth – Do they work?

Peptides for muscle growth are strings of amino acids but let us find out if they work.

Bodybuilding and muscle growth are subjective, as some might have a target to tone their muscles, and some might want to achieve a new level of success in it. People often look for supplements to boost their performance. While looking for a supplement, knowing if they show results and do not have any side effects becomes crucial. Out of all the supplements that a bodybuilder might need, here we will discuss peptides for muscle growth.

Before discussing the best peptides for muscle growth, you must know what exactly peptides are and why they are important.

In simple words, peptides are chains of amino acids, these act as building blocks of protein. As a person grows with age, the production of certain hormones slows down in our body, and that is when we end up taking them in the form of supplements to achieve desired physical goals.

Peptides exist in your body naturally and can be obtained from multiple natural sources, including meat, fish, dairy, eggs, whole grains, lentils, and beans.

These short-chain peptides are beneficial for skin, muscles and even help in weight-related matters. It helps build muscle tissue which makes all the bodybuilders interested in this. Not only does it help in a variety of functions, but it does also contribute to the production of hormones and DNA.

Best Peptides for Muscle Growth – Do They Work

Here at The Health Fortune, let us elaborate on the benefits of peptides.

1. The structure of peptides is similar to some engaging receptors and compounds which are responsible for messaging in our body. These peptides engage with many receptors in your body and enhance multiple body processes.

2. These peptides help prevent blood clots, boost the immune system, protect your cell against damage, and control inflammation, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

3. Hormones released by these peptides stimulate muscle growth, fat loss and helps in muscle recovery. This function of peptides makes bodybuilders interested as they want to maximize their training results.

Peptides for muscle growth

Fitness freaks and bodybuilders want to enhance their strength and stamina as quickly as possible. Let us explain to you how peptides are functional in your body to stimulate muscle gain.

The hormone called human growth hormone is released by the pituitary gland and enhances muscle growth and body fat loss. Production of this hormone is stimulated by consuming growth hormone secretagogues, a group of peptides.

By consuming this peptide liver also releases insulin-like growth factor 1, which acts as a mediator for growth hormone.

Also, this insulin stimulates muscle growth and fat loss in your body.

Human growth hormones are often considered an alternative to growth hormone secretagogues, they might be similar in benefits, but the latter is believed to have fewer side effects.

We know you all might be confused about what exactly some of these medical terms mean; at The Health Fortune, we find ourselves responsible for making you understand all the concepts clearly.

Growth Hormone Secratogogous is a group of peptides responsible for the secretion of human growth hormone (HGH).

Secratogogous here stands for something that stimulates secretion.

Human growth hormone is already present in our body, whose secretion slows down with aging. A lot of research is yet to take place to explain the exact benefits of these peptides to bodybuilders. We must let you know that there is no detailed research behind this.

Major types of peptides

Here we have mentioned significant peptide categories that are vital for bodybuilding.

  • Growth hormone-releasing hormones such as sermorelin and tesamorelin.
  • Ghrelin and compounds that mimic actions such as ipamorelin, lenomorelin, and tabimorelin.
  • Growth hormone-releasing peptides(GHRPs) such as GHRP1, GHRP2, and tesamorelin.

Best peptides for muscle growth in 2021

The Health Fortune here recommends five peptides out of several peptides available in the market. Here we have shared a few background information that you must know before consuming these peptides for muscle growth.

Best Peptides for Muscle Growth – Do They Work

Ipamorelin and CJC 1295

Every 10 years, you can lose 15% of your growth hormone-creating capabilities. Consuming a combination of these peptides is much more effective than consuming either one of them. They might appear to be performing similar functions, but they affect two different parts. CJC 1295 binds growth hormone-releasing hormone, whereas ipamorelin combines ghrelin receptors. Both of them are responsible for producing growth hormone in greater quantities, which significantly benefits muscle recovery and promotes fast muscle building.

Follistatin 344

This peptide accelerates muscle growth by healing and repairing muscle tissues. Depending on the results you want, you can combine them with other peptides to get extra benefits like increased endurance and strength and reduction in muscle recovery time, and boosted muscle mass.


This peptide acts as a major mediator of growth hormone. It accelerates and supports various body functions like reproduction and regeneration and is obviously a peptide for muscle growth.


This peptide promotes faster cellular repair and wound healing as it has functions related to hyperplasia, which is an enlargement of organs or tissues caused by cell creation.


This peptide attacks your stubborn belly fat. This peptide is responsible for stimulating the secretion of growth hormone-releasing hormone. This then further accelerates the process of Lipolysis. This means breaking down lipids and triglycerides, which makes you shed some pounds to give you a lean and sculpted muscle.

Peptides for skincare

Some might compare peptides to Botox, but you need to know that they have multiple anti-aging benefits. These peptides act as messengers between skin cells, which helps reduce wrinkles, fast repair wounds, uphold your skin, and maintain its collagen. When used in combination with retinol and niacinamide, these peptides help in regenerating skin cells and add smooth and glowing skin.

The only drawback of peptide intake in daily life, whether for muscle growth or in skincare, is that there is no elaborate research behind the advantages of peptides for muscle growth. So, before you decide to add peptides in the form of supplements or injections, please consider this factor. Supplement companies will advertise these peptides as a vital supplement for muscle growth but do not take any without professional consultation or proper research. The doping agents also ban some peptides in professional sports. Do make your decision wisely.

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