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Best Daily Skincare Routine for Men

Best Daily Skincare Routine for Men

Skincare routine for men as your skin needs more than just a cleanser

Popular belief for years has been that a skincare routine for men is needed only when they have acne, breakouts, or any other skin issue. Well, guys, it’s just a myth! Men mostly usually keep their skincare routine minimal, and some might have a non-existent skincare routine. Whether men or women, every skin type requires a routine that cleanses and nourishes their skin and keeps it healthy while suiting their skin type.

Skincare routine for men is a fundamental part of grooming which gives one clear and smooth skin. A few minutes in the morning and evening can prevent acne breakouts, redness, and wrinkles. And we are sure that once you start with your skincare routine, you will never look back.

Building this skincare routine from scratch can be confusing and complicated as it is too much information for a beginner to digest.

Multiple factors contribute to the kind of skincare routine you should follow and the products to use. Still, we suggest that if you start from scratch, stick to the beginner-friendly skincare routine and then move ahead by identifying your skin type and the ingredients that soothe your skin issues. But before we begin with the daily skincare routine for men, you must know about the below-mentioned factors that will make your next purchase practical and valuable for money.

Know your skin

While looking for the perfect cleanser or moisturizer, you look for basic ingredients. But not all ingredients are suitable for every skin type, and on top of that, using the wrong ingredients might also aggravate skin problems if you have any.

We do not expect you to study niacinamide and hyaluronic acid in a day but knowing what your skin deserves majorly depends upon two primary factors discussed below.

Skin type

Skin is basically of five types depending upon the texture and what it is made up of. The most common skin types are-


It is a balanced skin type that remains oil-free most of the time and does not get irritated that often. This skin type is less prone to acne and other skin infections.


Oily is a skin type with a greasy texture. The sebaceous glands of this skin type are overactive and have large pores. Skin is prone to acne breakouts and requires balanced care.


It is white and flaky in texture. This skin type is prone to irritation frequently.


This skin type has both oily and dry textures on the face. There is a T zone on your face, basically the skin around the nose, forehead, and chin. This skin region is oily, and the rest of your skin is dry.


This skin type requires attention as it is easily irritated and is prone to allergic reactions and acne breakouts. You have to be very conscious while using a new product as sensitive skin easily gets affected by an ingredient that is not compatible.

Skin condition

Skin condition refers to any skin-related severe problem that can be dealt with while using regular skincare products. Many products are specifically constituted to address specific concerns like aging, acne, pigmentation, and irritation.

Skincare routine for men

Effective skin care is incomplete without opting for the right product with the right ingredients compatible with your skin. Selecting the right product might need experimentation and finding out which product gives you the best results. However, you can increase the level of skincare steps according to your skin type and skin concerns. This guide provides you with four necessary skincare steps, to begin with.


For men, cleansing is restricted to washing their face with soap. However, cleansing is not just a part of hygiene. It includes removing harmful toxins, bacteria, bacteria, and any tropical product you have applied. This opens the pores and allows any product that you apply to get absorbed effectively and adequately.

You must wash your face at least twice a day, once in the morning after you wake up and then before going to bed or when you are back from work in the evening. If you have oily and sweaty skin, you should clean your face more than two times to eliminate the oils and sweat that accumulate on your skin.

First, wash your face with lukewarm water and then take a small quantity of cleanser in your hand, rub it to form a lather, and then apply it on your face in a gentle upward motion. Rinse it by splashing cold water and pat it dry. Do not rub your skin at any step.

If your skin is dry, use gentle and creamy face wash; for oily skin, use a gel-based cleanser, and for acne-prone skin, use a combination with salicylic acid. In the case of a normal skin type, you can use any cleanser.


Toner is an important step to rebalance the pH level of your skin after cleansing. Using toner prevents acne breakouts, ingrown hair, and dehydration. Apply toner by dabbing it on your skin and blending it with your fingertips on the face and neck region. This step will hydrate your skin and replenish the nutrients to provide smooth and bright skin.

Use a toner with ingredients like lactic acid and salicylic acid for acne. Use a toner with AHA, BHA, and glycolic acid for dark spots.

Eye Cream

The skin under your eyes requires special attention. Skin in that area is thin and prone to dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines. Take a pea size of eye cream in your hands and apply it with your fingertips under your eyes. Gently massage it till it gets absorbed. You can use gel-based eye cream if your under-eye skin is oily and needs to be depuffed. Use an eye cream with vitamin C for dark circles.


Moisturizer is a critical step that you should not miss at any cost. Men with oily skin think that they do not need to moisturize their skin, but that’s not true. Wearing moisturizer is necessary for the morning and evening, and both should be different.

In the morning, you need a moisturizer with SPF 15 or 30 to protect you from sun damage, pollution, and dust. And the moisturizer that you use at night should be rich in ingredients that repair your skin but do not clog your pores.

Take a nickel size of your moisturizer and gently apply it to your clean skin. Massage your face gently in an upward direction till it gets absorbed. Don’t miss any region of your face. Massage it well on your neck, sides of your nose, ear lobes, and forehead. Use a creamy moisturizer for dry skin and gel or water-based moisturizer for oily skin. Do check the amount of SPF in your product.

Voila, your skincare is complete. This might sound like a bundle of work and things to consider. But once you set your daily skincare routine for men, it will hardly take 5-10 minutes to complete. And once you get started you will find a difference in one or two months. Your future self will thank you for taking up the task and giving attention to your skin.



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