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The Fun Way to Exercise – Swimming

Though exercising in the form of strength building, jogging, cardio, weight lifting, Pilates, and the rest is great and all. But nothing can beat the fun of relishing a good session of swimming. So much so that it’s considered one of the topmost forms of workout according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It’s easy, stress-relieving, and also is one of the most effective forms of workout. Especially helpful to those who find exercising a burden and a stressful task in daily life, swimming can aid in losing those extra kilos without any pain.

Not just a form of losing weight, it’s also proven to control blood pressure, alleviate stress, and improve posture, among other health benefits.

Many overlook this effective form of exercise, considering it just a recreational activity. But the truth is far from it.

swimming exercise

Let’s put down some major reasons why you should incorporate swimming daily

Hoist one’s Heart Rate

A great way to work up your cardiovascular system, swimming involves control of breath. This, in turn, helps your body to turn up its heart rate. Heart rate is equally proportionate to the number of calories you burn while exercising. The higher the heart rate, the greater the body will deliver oxygen to your muscles. This also allows your body to lower cholesterol levels.

This feeling of heart burning irritates many while exercising, resulting in them discontinuing their workout altogether. The good thing about swimming is that the heart rate increases, but that isn’t too bothersome instead, it’s pretty fun.

Tip to Toe Form of Exercise

Swimming involves the movement of all your body right from head to toes. Whether it’s your breathing involvement, hands, muscles, or legs, each part of the body takes part. The water resistance plays its role as well. Your muscle groups are working together to beat the water and move forward to improve your muscle strength.

Burns More Calories

It’s proven through extensive research that swimming burns more calories than other more conventional exercise methods like walking, jogging, yoga, and elliptical training, amongst others.

Healthier Respiratory System

Swimming involves training and functioning your breathing techniques. This, in turn, helps in increased lung capacity and endurance. It’s found in research that swimming can make your lungs bigger and more efficient in how they process the air you breathe. A person who swims can hold more volume of air in their lungs compared to people following other forms of exercise. On the other hand, swimming involves breath control while in water which results in breath endurance.

Helpful Form of Exercise in Chronic Health Diseases

Swimming is recommended by medical practitioners for asthma, arthritis, injuries, disability, and even multiple sclerosis (MS). We’ve already discussed how swimming increases one’s lung capacity, which is a great way to help one’s cause asthma.

For people with disabilities and injuries, swimming is a much more relaxed form of exercise. While doing it, people with injuries don’t feel immediate pain; therefore, it’s a lot easier. In fact, as per reports, it reduces a prominent amount of pain and stiffness in joints.

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Improves Mental Health

Swimming is a stress buster. A fun activity that can be enjoyed with friends or a great way to interact with new people. Most people who swim are there to have a fun time. Therefore, it acts as an activity that binds people together and helps them socialize.

It’s reported that swimming is a mood lifter. Not just that, it also is a great way to entertain oneself if going through mental health issues like depression, dementia, and others.

Good For a Better Sleep

People who swim are seen to have better and sound sleep cycles. People with insomnia or old-age people who face sleepless nights should opt for swimming. It’s a stress-reliever that puts one’s mind at ease and helps one sleep better at night.


Widely popular amongst people of all ages and sizes, swimming is a universal form of enjoyment. But taken a little seriously and inculcated daily as a form of exercise, it can prove to be an ultimate form of improving your lifestyle. At the same time, it works as a form of intense workout regime that is hardly stressful and is lots of fun.

A low-impact workout, swimming is gentle but powerful in its positive impact on your body’s health.

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