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All Information About Tampons – Bursting the Misconceptions

When the menstrual days hit the month, some girls prefer sanitary pads while others go for menstrual cups and tampons. Since its inception, tampons have been a topic of debate for many. Some don’t find them safe and comfortable, while others believe in many misconceptions about tampons.

It’s always a good idea to know the pros and cons of using something on your body. Especially in the case of an item like a tampon which one has to insert inside the vagina., it becomes even more important to be aware of all things.

Let’s understand the common myths and facts about tampons and clear the doubts about them.

What are tampons?

Tampons are cylindrical-shaped absorbent products made of cotton fibers, rayon fibers, and sometimes both. The fiber of a tampon is a cellulose material made from wood pulp and plants. It sits between the walls of your vagina and absorbs all the blood while on a period. When a tampon comes in contact with the menstrual blood flow, it soaks it up.

How to use a tampon?

There is no doubt that many women don’t use a tampon because it sounds dreading to insert something in one’s vagina. But the good part is using a tampon is a matter of practice, and when you get the hang of it, it is super easy and convenient. You will never go back to using a sanitary napkin once you switch to a tampon.

Today, tampons come with all the necessary elements that make it a hassle-free experience. Tampons have a string attached to them, so removing them is easy. Some tampons have plastic or cardboard applicators that help you insert a tampon easily. You can also use your hand to insert them conveniently.

Some girls face a problem using tampons primarily because of a dry vagina. But once you understand what works for you, tampons are very efficient. All you have to understand is your blood flow and choose the correct tampon per your requirement.

Some key points to keep in mind while using tampons

There are various types of tampons available in the market that vary according to size, absorbing strength, and material. It’s a good idea to start with a light absorbent tampon and understand how long it lasts for you. You can switch to a moderate or heavy absorbent tampon as per your menstrual flow.

Also, while inserting the tampon, it’s essential to have squeaky clean hands and ensure you sit in a position that gives you broad access to your opening. Be relaxed while using it for the first time. That will make the process super easy. Also, use a tampon with an applicator in the beginning to simplify the process.


Can a tampon go inside my body?

No, absolutely not. Your cervical opening is very small, and a tampon cannot pass through it. The tampon is not thin or small enough to enter the cervical opening. Only the blood flow and semen can pass through the cervix.

Does it hurt while inserting and removing a tampon?

Ideally, it shouldn’t. If you have a dry vagina or your blood flow is significantly less, you can use a liquid lubricant to make the process easy. Once the tampon sits properly inside, you won’t even feel it.

While removing the tampon, you have to just pull the string attached, and it should come off easily. But if you feel discomfort, try a less absorbent tampon and do change your tampon every 4-6 hours for best results.

Does a tampon come out easily?

No. Only when you poop too hard is when a tampon can fall off. If inserted correctly and further enough in the vagina, it doesn’t fall off even while doing activities like running or playing sports, among others.

Do tampons result in toxic shock syndrome?

Mostly not. Whether you use sanitary pads or tampons, changing them every 4-6 hours for feminine hygiene purposes is advisable. Using a tampon for over 8 hours is not advised, and when done, it can cause health problems, aka Toxic Shock Syndrome.

It is a rare disease and occurs only in 1 in 1,00,000 females. But the disease in itself is dangerous. The common symptoms are high fever over 102.2F, dizziness, headaches, chills, muscle pain, cold, sour throat, diarrhea, rashes, difficulty in breathing, loss of consciousness, eyes, lips, and tongue turning red, and being confused.

Do seek immediate medical and healthcare advice if you feel such symptoms, as this disease needs urgent treatment.

Things you can do while a tampon wearing a tampon

  • You can Pee while having a tampon on.
  • You can Poop. Try to not push too hard otherwise, the tampon may fall off but it doesn’t happen often.
  • You can take a shower. It’s completely safe.
  • Heavy activities like a workout, weight pulling, stretching, and others.
  • Regular activities.

Is titanium dioxide in tampon harmful?

Titanium Dioxide is a white-colored compound that’s used to make anything whiter. It’s a material used in many food articles, cosmetics like sunscreen, and also in tampons. But is it really harmful when used in tampons?

Recently there was a TikTok video doing rounds about how titanium dioxide is the cause of cancer in the human body, and from there, the information spread like wildfire. But many health experts have debunked the myth claiming that titanium dioxide, when ingested, directly causes health issues like respiratory problems and damage at the DNA level, causing cancer.

The titanium dioxide is used on the strings of tampons to make the attachment easy and make it look whiter. The compound doesn’t go inside the body. It’s not even in the part of the tampon that’s inside the vagina.

Though indeed, more research and studies are yet to be held to have absolute clarity. Therefore, we recommend you use what makes you comfortable and keep your mind at peace. There are many tampons in the market that are organic, made with organic cotton, and 100% bio-degradable. Alternatively, you can also use menstrual cups, a completely safe option.

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