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Best dermatologist recommendations for skincare routine

dermatologist recommendations for skincare
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Best skin care tips from dermatologists and experts

We all run to the dermatologist as soon as we find any skin problems. Following dermatologists’ recommendations to get healthier skin is the safest option to keep yourself away from any risks that you might take with your skin. Here we have shortlisted the most important dermatologist recommendations for skincare to keep in mind for healthy and smooth skin.

The definition of healthier skin has always been the same. Skin that is clear and glowing, without any acne and dark spots. But do we realize that we need to check our daily habits to maintain a skincare routine and get dermatologist recommendations for skincare mistakes? Sounds like an arduous task? We have got you covered.

Here at The Health Fortune, we have discussed skin care tips that every dermatologist recommends for healthier skin.

Here are the best dermatologist recommendations for skin

Use a suitable sunscreen

Before baring your skin to the sun, apply sunscreen on all the skin areas that are exposed to direct sunlight, including your neck, hands, arms, and legs. If you aren’t using sunblock to date, it is the worst skincare mistake you’re making.

It would be best if you used at least SPF 50 sunscreen. But if you find your skin dry, red, and tight, you need to upgrade your sunscreen with a higher SPF.

You can use Epionce Ultra shield lotion with SPF 50, which has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe your skin or you can get dermatologist recommendations for skincare.

Moisturize at night

If you wake up with dry skin, apply a hydrating moisturizer at night. Using a moisturizer at night heals the dry and damaged skin parts. Apply a cream with anti-inflammatory properties.

It will help you hydrate your skin and get rid of any irritation. You can use Tatcha- the indigo cream or La Mer, the moisturizing soft cream.

Avoid using wet wipes

Wet wipes have become our go-to option when we want to cleanse. But do keep in mind that these wipes do not deep clean your skin. If you are using one for your everyday makeup removal, it is one of the biggest skincare mistakes you’re making.

They might wipe off the dirt from the surface of your skin, but you need a deep cleanser to clear your pores or you can get dermatologist recommendations for skincare.

Remove your makeup

Use a makeup remover without any strong ingredients to wipe off your makeup. Try using a soft and clean cloth to wipe off the makeup instead of rubbing it.

Do not forget to clean your face as makeup will clog your pores, making it difficult for your skin to breathe. You can use Eve Lom Cleansing Oil capsules.

Different products for different areas

Sometimes a single product doesn’t work the best for your entire face. Every individual has a different skin type that requires a unique product combination. You can use a specific T-zone mask to target your skin around eyebrows and between the nose.

Also, you can use a special under-eye cream as the skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive. It might need some special attention.

Proper application of products

While applying your products on the skin, apply them gently with a 1-2 minutes massage. This massage increases the blood flow in your skin and improves the penetration of the products.

Layer your serums and moisturizers from thinnest to thickest, allowing each layer to absorb efficiently. You can use Blithe Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum.

Use the right cleanser

Using the correct cleanser is an essential step. For this, you must know your skin type. For acne-prone skin, you can use a cleanser with a salicylic base, and if you have dry skin, you can use a cleanser with a milk base.

Use sheet mask

 Sheet masks make it easier to hydrate your skin. After moisturizing at night:

    1. Apply a sheet mask and leave it for 10 to 20 minutes.
    2. Let the oils penetrate your skin, and then pat the oils into your skin after removing the sheet.
    3. Spread the mask as much as it can cover your face and neck region. You can use Whamisa Organic Hydrogel Masks.

Exfoliating the right way

Every skin type requires exfoliation about 2 to 3 times a week. You can use a gentle exfoliator for sensitive skin. An exfoliator with strong ingredients works the best for normal skin types to get rid of pollution, dirt, and bacteria.

These bacteria build acne on your skin. Don’t forget to check the neutral Ph level of your exfoliator. You can use a Goldfaden MD doctor scrub exfoliator.

Use vitamin serums

Vitamin serums provide a critical protective layer to the outermost layer of your skin. You can use a combination of vitamins or serum with a specific vitamin. You can use skinceuticals C and E formula serum.

Start getting facials

It is important to get a proper facial treatment every month. The treatment generally starts with deep cleaning the face and neck area and ends with a good face mask application. We recommend Alder New York Clarifying face mask.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Formulating a healthy lifestyle involves many disciplined steps that you need to follow. From eating right, taking an adequate portion of caffeine, eating your greens, and sleeping at the right time, you must take care of all these points to give your skin an extra glow that your products are unable to provide.

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