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Skincare mistakes you make that are ruining your skin

Skincare mistakes you’re making if you have dry skin

Are you dealing with dry and itchy skin? Wondering how to treat dry skin on your face? You are not alone; many women and men alike go through the same condition due to several factors. Skincare mistakes you’re making along with having sensitive skin, polluted environment, and genetics, a lot of different factors damage the already sensitive skin.

We tend to commit a lot of blunders while we follow a skincare routine taking note of your skin health, exfoliators, the sunscreen you use, etc. These skincare routine mistakes might end up making your skin look drier and more dehydrated.

The flaky texture of the skin makes it essential to set up a skincare routine that suits your skin type. It is time to understand the skincare mistakes you’re making that you might be making and rectify them. All you need to do is give slight attention to the points that The Health Fortune has shortlisted below for you.

1. Not taking off the makeup at night

One of the most common mistakes that we make is skipping makeup removal. We often follow a good morning skincare routine, but we tend to neglect some necessary steps as the day moves on.

Removing makeup is an essential step as makeup temporarily blocks your skin pores, accumulating sweat on your skin. This is one of the significant causes of skin acne and blackheads. Skin needs to breathe, so never forget to clean your skin with a natural and hydrating cleanser, preferably one with ingredients like salicylic acid in it.

2. Right amount of moisturizer

Dry skin requires the right kind of moisturizer in the correct quantity. Using a hydrating moisturizer with vitamin C helps the skin to regulate its moisture. Applying a pea size of the moisturizer on your face and not overusing or underusing it is all dry skin needs.

3. Exfoliation

The moisturizer needs to penetrate the skin properly, and for that, your skin needs exfoliation. This step helps clean your skin and open the pores, which in turn helps avoid breakouts.

So, you might be wondering what skincare mistakes you’re making here? For dry skin, do keep in mind that over-exfoliation will remove moisture from your skin, resulting in a dry skin texture. Also, under exfoliation will allow the oil and bacteria to stay on your skin.

If done right, exfoliation can work against the top layers of the skin to remove dead, dulling surface cells via rubbing and sloughing. Use the right exfoliators that are very light on the skin and have ingredients like crystals, micro-fine granules, and natural beads. This step can be done around 2-3 times a week. This will clean clogged pores and remove blackheads and dead skin cells from your skin.

4. Skipping on sunscreen

Applying sunscreen protects you from the harmful sun rays that damage the skin cells and give you early aging skin texture. Before stepping out in the sun, do apply a layer of sunscreen, whether physical or chemical. (Though, we recommend mineral sunscreen.) It will protect your skin from the sun rays and the harmful rays that laptop screens and mobile phones emit. Use a mineral-based sunscreen with SPF 50 and PA ++++. An excellent skincare tip for sensitive skin is to get your sunscreen approved by your dermatologist.

5. Choosing the wrong products for your skin type

Before looking for that right toner, the right moisturizer, or any product you apply, seek a dermatologist’s help. We often apply products with harsh chemicals that keep your skin dehydrated but might also result in acne and blackheads. Etc. So before the product that you perceive as great starts to act on your skin, read the components of the product.

6. Applying the same moisturizer for under eye cream

The skin under the eyes gets puffy if not moisturized properly. The skin under the eyes is thinner and more sensitive. It would help if you used a special under-eye cream that targets that skin region to keep it moisturized and hydrated. You can use products with coffee oil, tea tree oils, or green tea extract for good results.

7. Frequently changing your products

Experimenting with different products on your sensitive skin leaves it with damaged skin cells and itchy skin. Use products that your dermatologist has approved, and don’t experiment with every new product that comes on the market. Stick to your specific brand and ingredients in the product. Also, it’s important to do a patch test before you start using a product on your face directly.

8. Following the same routine at day and night-time

The skin has different needs at both times of the day. Where in the morning, it essentially requires a layer of SPF to protect the skin; at night, it requires a cream that repairs the damaged skin cells. For the day, try using a simple cleanser along with slapping on some sunscreen and moisturizer.

For the night, use a mild toner to clean along with serums and moisturizer that has healing ingredients. Keeping in mind, along with avoiding all the above skincare routine mistakes, you must also keep the following things in mind to maintain healthy skin and give it an extra glow.

Tips to take extra care of your sensitive skin:

Cut down on your coffee

If you are a coffee lover, try taking your coffee decaf. As coffee is dry in nature, it sucks the moisture and usually impacts the skin if your skin is sensitive.

Not taking enough water

Dehydration leaves your skin dry and rough. A lack of water can be seen on your skin. It would help if you made a conscious effort to hydrate yourself through the day.

Don’t rub your face harshly

When you wash your face or remove your makeup, don’t rub your face. Pat it dry with a soft and clean towel.

Don’t touch your face

When you touch your face, you often take all the bacteria from your hands and nails to your face. Avoid touching your face often and keep your hands clean from any bacteria.

Get enough sleep

Avoiding the skincare routine mistakes you’re making and using the right products will not give your skin the right glow unless you take a good stress-free sleep of at least 7 hours.

Avoid using hot water for your skin

Hot water showers strip your skin of essential oils, which might also damage the skin cells. Use slightly warm water to clean your face.

Wash your makeup brushes

You never know what kind of bacteria can develop on your makeup brushes. It becomes extremely essential to maintain hygiene if you have sensitive skin. The best skincare tip for sensitive skin is to clean your brushes regularly.

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