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The primary exercise principles women should follow

Exercise principles women should follow for fitness

If you are venturing into the world of workouts or you’ve been actively exercising for a few years now, every exercise has some common rules that you should be aware of. Before fulfilling your elusive goal of losing weight and getting into shape, stop and learn the right way to exercise principles for better results.

No matter how many random sets you do or how you hop from one machine to another, if your way of exercising is wrong, all your attempts will be in pain. Because in the long run, you can harm your body rather than provide it with any benefit.

A holistic fashion of exercising can give real benefits and a healthy body for life. The Health Fortune shows you 5 exercise principles you should follow for a good start at exercising!

Active range of motion exercises – The right way!

Helping you improve your joint function; the range of motion exercises are common to many beginners of exercise. But, only doing it the right way will help you make your joints flexible, improve strength and balance while also reducing pain in joints. You should perform these exercises from a completely stretched position of the muscle to a fully contracted position.

So, basically, a half-baked stretch won’t work while performing a range of motion exercise. Also, remember to move slowly, gently, and follow the same order every day. You can do head to toe pattern for easy remembrance.

Set your own weight limit

If your trainer or anyone tells you to go light on weights because you are a girl and you’ll get bulky, close your ears. Heavyweight doesn’t equal bulkiness, just like lightweight doesn’t equal tone-up. Set your own limit that you can lift easily and that limit also allows you to complete your remaining sets conveniently.

Decide your repetitions correctly

While strength training (resistance training/ weightlifting), beginners should go for medium reps(repetitions), which is basically repeating an exercise 10 to 20 times. This will help you build anaerobic strength endurance. Here your goal is to learn how to do your exercise correctly.

If you are a pro, you can do high repetitions (20-40), to work your muscles to a point of fatigue. That’s when the deeper muscle fibers will start to build more strength.

Take a breather

Your muscles need a gap of 1-2 minutes in between sets to perform another weight lifting exercise at maximum capacity. During this gap, your muscle cells will regenerate Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and phosphocreatine (PC). These compounds are used during a weight lifting exercise.

If you are a regular workout person and are performing low repetitions with a very heavyweight, go for a rest of 2-4 minutes in between two weight-lifting exercises.

Recover your muscles properly

Don’t work in your same group every day. Your muscles recovery is very important along with the hard work. Give a break of at least 48 hours before working for the same muscle groups. An ideal time is two times per week for a sample muscle group exercise.

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