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Warm Drinks to Control Stomach Pains During Periods

Warm Drinks to Control Stomach Pains During Periods

Periods of pain in the abdomen, lower back, and thighs are a common sight women experience during their menstrual cycle. These pains can be excruciating and are pretty hard to put up with. There are many reasons women feel this discomfort, the primary reason being the muscles in the womb contract and expand.

Doctors associate menstrual cramps with other reasons like heavy blood flow, having a first child, and overproduction of or sensitivity to prostaglandins, a hormone that influences the womb.

The good news is many warm drinks can soothe the pain in no time and have absolutely no side effects on your body. So, let’s get started with these magical drinks that can make your cramps and pain go away during your chums.

Warm Carom Seeds Water

Believe it or not, but carom seeds water can soothe your pain during periods. They work as a nerve tonic and help the nerves relax while menses. All you have to do is add 1-1.5 tablespoon of carom seeds to a glass of water and bring it to several boils. When the watercolor turns brown, add a little jaggery and your concoction is ready. You can skip adding jaggery as per your taste.

Warm carom seeds water helps release the extra gas from your system, and so, you get relieved from the pain quickly. You can have this mix 2-3 times a day during your periods.


Staying hydrated is essential on regular days and becomes even more vital during your periods. Notch up your water game while on periods to avoid bloating and stop extra cravings you generally have during your menstrual times. Avoid cold water and instead, go for warm water to soothe your stomach and other pains and help the blood clots pass easily.

If you aren’t a big water-drinking person in general, try to mix some fruits or vegetables into the water to make it tastier. This also gives you the dose of vitamins, calcium, and minerals during the lethargic days of monthly periods.

Drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water is advised as the optimum amount, especially during periods.

Green Tea

A simple remedy that works wonders for your menstrual pains, green tea can soothe your stomach immediately. It promotes blood flow and also helps curb caffeine cravings. Remember to stay steer of any sort of caffeine during your periods as it increases the pain levels. Green tea is full of antioxidants that help you stay hydrated for a longer time.

To make a perfect cup of green tea, heat one cup of water, add one green tea bag to it, and voila! You have your green tea ready. You can also add a little jaggery and herbs like cardamom and black pepper to make it tastier.

Fennel Seeds and Ginger

Herbs like fennel seeds and ginger can help by relaxing the muscles in the uterus during periods. Add a few fennel seeds in water and leave them overnight to get soaked thoroughly. The next morning you can have this concoction to release all pains. You can also add little honey to this water.

As for ginger, add grated ginger to boiling water. Strain the ginger particles and drink the water warm to help soothe your pain during periods.

Aloe Vera Water

Adding aloe vera to a glass of water and drinking it 2-3 times a day during periods can help in easing the heavy blood flow. It can give instant relief to your pain. You can also add a tablespoon of honey to this water mix.

Peppermint and Raspberry Tea

Peppermint tea is known to relax your muscles and settle digestive issues during periods. The antispasmodic properties of its menthol content are the main reason why peppermint tea works wonderfully for periods of pain. All you have to do is add a few peppermint leaves to your water and bring the mixture to a boil. The peppermint has menthol that gives the tea a refreshing, minty flavor.

Raspberry has anti-inflammatory properties that instantly provide relief to your pain. Try it to see a visible change in the pain during periods.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea has antispasmodic properties that help your uterus, and spasmodic contractions relax instantly. It consists of compounds like Hippurate and glycine that further help in reducing muscle spasms.

To make your perfect cup of this tea, heat up a cup of water and dip a chamomile tea bag in it for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, you can remove the bag and add either honey or squeeze a few lemon drops to enjoy the refreshing taste of this tea.

You can have this tea two times a day during your periods for fast results.

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