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Gaining weight in the times of COVID-19? Here’s what you should do!

Are you gaining weight in the times of COVID-19?

Weight gain is the most irritating thing for everyone unless someone is trying to gain weight. Due to the current COVID-19 situation and the nationwide lockdowns, everyone is at home. Being home has made us all lazy and reduced our physical activity. This is the reason why many of us tend to be prey to weight gain.

Weight gain is easy but to shred that gained weight is a tough job. Moreover, losing that weight at home is not that tough a job. Even though the determination and willpower obviously be yours.

There are various ways that can help reduce this extra weight that you’ve put on. Some alterations in the diet and some in the daily routine would be enough to make you reduce the weight gained.

First, changes in the regular diet are needed. We know that we usually take calories more than what is required for our body in our daily routine. So, the first step to balancing out weight is to reduce the unnecessary calories which we intake.

This means that we say no to the fried and extra butter and oil love. Various applications help to track the calories of whatever you eat. This will help you to know what all to eat.

Moreover, you can have the food you crave, without any guilts. But you will have to balance it with whatever you eat during the other part of the day.

Second, you can also start to detoxify your body. The use of various detoxifying drinks or keeping a day salt-free every fortnight would help your digestive system to improve, which would help you reduce the extra weight.

During these salt-free days, you can eat lots of fruits and drink milk, green tea, coffee, or tea, but everything without sugar and salt. Including yogurt in your diet can also help you improve your metabolism. A few full-day detoxes can be helpful. Also, eating only fruits and milk the whole day or eating yogurt and fruits the entire day.

Third, various spiced waters can be used to increase metabolism, which in turn help to reduce weight. You can boil a pan full of water with cumin seeds in it until it becomes half. Drinking it can also improve metabolism and reduce excess fat.

Adding a pinch of cinnamon to this water is even more beneficial. You can also switch to green tea with cinnamon. Moreover, drinking more water can help to reduce unnecessary fats.

Fourth, without exercise, it’s challenging to reduce fat. So, you should start with at least 30 minutes of workout. You can alternatively go for options like dancing, yoga, or calisthenics. Dancing can help reduce weight if you don’t have to reduce a lot of weight.

But yoga and calisthenic exercises can help reduce a lot of weight. The calisthenic exercises majorly act as a substitute for gyms. Hence, it can also help to gain the shape you want for the body. But you also need to take care that you do not fall into injuries due to wrong positions. Hence, you can take online classes from some experts.

Fifth, a tiny change in the daily routine of eating can bring a lot of difference if you have either grown on the habit to eat a lot at one time and then have nothing the entire day or eat a lot after every few hours, which adds to the weight.

The ideal thing to do is to take small and multiple meals. We should balance these meals and should keep a track of the calorie count in all our meals. This will help you maintain a specific number of calories and also let you eat a lot.

In the end, all we’d like to say is that weight gain is a part of life. We should not be traumatized by it. We should not stop loving ourselves just because of some extra fat. Even though being healthy is what we second, being hard on yourself is not the solution.

So, if you add these little tips to your daily life, you will never gain weight and remain fit regularly.

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