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11 Healthy Breakfast Food Items

11 healthy breakfast food items you must include in your routine

Breakfast is the most important meal of our day. It gives us the energy to be fully charged for the rest of the day. As the name suggests, it breaks the overnight fast. So, healthy breakfast food is very important.

A healthy breakfast has a lot of health benefits. One should never skip breakfast. It helps your body to remain active, maintain energy levels and also provide the required nutrients.

So, such an essential meal of the day should obviously be healthy. But it’s necessary to also eat right and healthy along with a hearty breakfast. There are a lot of healthy options which come under this bracket.

Here are some healthy breakfast food items


Sandwiches are not just Joey’s favorite food (we are hoping you are a big ‘Friends’ fan) and a very healthy breakfast item. It doesn’t mean that if we eat cheese sandwiches in the morning, they become healthy.

The sandwiches for breakfast should use fat-free sauces or the coriander/ Cilantro sauce and other homemade sauces. You should not use sauces like Mayonnaise and cheese.

We have one of the best tasty and healthy sandwich recipes. This includes brown bread (whole wheat bread), but you can also go for healthier options like sprouted whole grains, oats, and gluten-free options. Use southwest sauce which is 99 percent fat-free, and chili garlic sauce, which is also 99 percent fat-free. The filling includes the use of onion, capsicum, avocados, cucumber, and tomato. You can choose any veggies of your taste in this recipe. This sandwich is tasty as well as healthy.

You can also try other simple but tasty recipes of your choice to make a yummy sandwich.


We can’t speak enough benefits of including fruits as an ideal in your breakfast routine. Eating a bowl full of fruits in the morning can help you feel fresh and also give you all the required nutrients. When complemented with green tea or milk, it can be fantastic.

If you are a skincare freak, your skin and hair will love fresh fruits, which helps in giving them the natural glow and cleanliness they need. Moreover, fruits also help in improving metabolism. The benefits of fruits are countless. Hence, having a bowl of fruits as breakfast is very healthy.


We know that cornflakes are usually known to be the perfect breakfast. But, with the changing times, cornflakes have been replaced by other cereals in the market. Some of the best available are wheat flakes and muesli. Cornflakes have a little fat, but wheat flakes and muesli are healthier options. When complemented by milk, it is the best combination. It gives enough energy and nutrients for the day.

Fresh Juice and Smoothies

Fresh fruit juice is also a very healthy breakfast option. If you are in a hurry and want to have something quick and healthy, fresh fruit juice is the best solution. It provides all the necessary nutrients also keeps you fresh.

Alternatively, you can also throw in some tasty smoothies in your breakfast options. Adding berries like blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry will enhance the taste of your smoothie.

You can use milk (almond milk is the best, just saying!), yogurt, water, and fresh fruit juice for the base of your smoothie mix. Adding dry ingredients like seeds and protein shakes will give you an additional boost of nutrients your body will need in the day.

Broken Wheat/ Bulgar Wheat/ Couscous

Broken wheat is very healthy for breakfast. It has all the benefits which wheat has. And as an added advantage, it is full of fiber hence a perfect meal for breakfast. It is a good source of minerals, has low fat, is good for diabetics, and helps weight loss.

Beaten Rice

Beaten Rice is used all over the globe in different forms. But eating it for breakfast is healthy. It has high carbohydrates, which are enough to satiate a person and keep him full for long hours. It is an excellent source of iron which helps to maintain the hemoglobin levels and the red blood cell count.

Moreover, it is usually served by squeezing some lemon on it. This adds vitamin c to the diet. It is also a good probiotic which retains healthy bacteria and assist indigestion. People who are lactose intolerant can also have it as beaten Rice is a perfect and healthy option. It is also rich in B vitamins which make your breakfast a good source of energy.

Rice Cakes/Idli

This famous Indian dish is a perfect option for a light and yummy breakfast dish. It doesn’t have extra calories and is also useful for digestion. This makes you full-bodied with healthy and light food.

All you have to do is soak your Rice overnight and then the following day, blend the soaked Rice in a paste-like texture. Add the water as needed. Add in your cilantro and coriander, some salt, and a little baking soda to the paste. Give the batter steam by putting it in a microwave for 4-5 minutes, and your idlis are ready to eat.

People usually cook plain rice idlis and then half fry it with some onion, tomato, and other available vegetables. This makes it even more healthy.


Who doesn’t a pancake right? But adding syrups and making it with white flour is downright unhealthy, people. There are many healthy options that you can try and still make your pancake an enjoyable breakfast option.

There are various kinds of healthy pancakes which are famous. Some of which are made with oats and gram flour. You can also try banana oatmeal and whole wheat pancakes, which are super yummy and fluffy. Add ingredients like buttermilk, yogurt, or even delicious berries to these pancakes, and voila! You have your crave-worthy flavors.

They help in better digestion and also give proper nutrition to the body. These are packs of energy with a capacity to help maintain a proper weight for the body.


Oatmeal has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The health benefits of oatmeal include weight loss and regulated sugar levels. This is specifically good for people with diabetes. It has various vital vitamins and minerals which help to provide a balanced diet to the body. Moreover, it also has high antioxidants.


Eggs are a great source of protein which helps in building the body. We know that our body requires protein, and eggs are a great source of it. Eating eggs as breakfast can add various important vitamins and minerals to our bodies. Moreover, they are a source of “good cholesterol” and omega-3. All this makes eggs an appropriate breakfast. They also help in weight loss.


Yogurt has a lot of good bacteria, which makes our digestive system healthy and helps it work better. It is a source of calcium and also protein. It is helpful for bones. Moreover, yogurt also helps in weight loss. It is a brilliant snack. Hence, starting the day with yogurt can provide all the benefits. You can also try different flavored yogurts available in the market to add a little more taste to your healthy breakfast food.

To conclude, starting your day with a healthy breakfast can help in better productivity throughout. Hence, trying some of the above things may help you bring a shift in your lifestyle.

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