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Taking Care of Dyed Hair

Taking Care of Dyed Hair

If your dyed hair is copper shimmer or blonde or of any other color, it’s understandable that you have invested a significant amount of both money and time to achieve that perfect look. Thus, it would be unfortunate to see that color fading out in less than half the time it took to attain it. Let’s see more on taking care of dyed hair.

Hair color can make hair more porous, allowing it to release and absorb moisture more quickly. This allowing and releasing of moisture leads to the loss of molecules present in color every time you give your hair a wash.

Here are few suggestions for keeping the maximum moisture possible along with maintaining the color.

Give Your Hair-Color 72 hours

The coloring process of the hair opens up the cuticle layer, which helps in the easy absorption of color.

Generally, it takes 72 hours or three days for the cuticles to close, and if you wash your hair before this time period, the color will bleed out early. This bleeding out of color is the result of the cuticle pores being opened.

Thus, it is recommended to wait for the said time period before washing the hair.

Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoos and conditioners use the ingredient sulfate, which aids in the creation of lather.

Though the presence of sulfate is not a problem if you are using this ingredient on colored hair, the chances are that your hair may lose its natural moisture and oils.

Say No To Hot Water

Another thing to remember while washing your hair is to avoid the use of hot water. Hot water is known to open the cuticles, making a path for the color to get off easily.

It’s best to have shampoo and conditioner with lukewarm water and then rinsing off with cold water.

Avoid Frequent Hair Wash

If you want your hair color to last longer, don’t wash your hair frequently. When you shampoo your hair to have a fresh look, you not only remove the natural moisturizer and oils but also a small amount of the dye every time.

We know that your hair will not cooperate with you every time, thus go for dry shampoos if you face such a problem.

Say No To Swimming

The water in swimming pools has chlorine, which is a big NO for colored hair. Chlorine, except for drying out the hair, also causes damage to the color by pulling out the green undertones, thus destroying the whole look.

In case you cannot avoid swimming at all, try not to put your head inside the water and always wear a swimming cap.


Above are some of the helpful suggestions to have the taking care of dyed hair of your preference. Apart from the above suggestions, always consult your hairstylist for more tips according to your hair type.

Not only tips, make sure to ask about the specific hair color shampoo you should buy according to your hair texture and after how much time you will need a touchup to maintain the perfect locks.

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