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Why is a mask still crucial after getting vaccinated?

Why is a mask still crucial after getting vaccinated?

Amongst the massive wrath of COVID-19, where people all over the globe have faced huge health issues, there is a ray of hope with the rapid enrolment of vaccination in all countries. The vaccine doses have given us the scope of survival for humankind against this deadly coronavirus.

With people getting vaccinated, there is a wrong mentality built amongst many not using face masks anymore. Especially with many countries lifting their stay-at-home orders, it becomes even more important now to continue using face masks.

Infectious disease specialist Kristin Englund suggests one still wear the masks and practice social distancing. Things are getting normal, but still, full-proof protection is yet to arrive.

It’s pertinent to note here; that a herd mentality can cause more harm than good to your health. If people around you are not wearing masks, it doesn’t mean you are to do the same. As responsible citizens, we must make the wrong right and not the other way round.

Reasons you must wear face mask even after vaccination

From the global trends and the latest research were done, scientists and experts state the following reasons to continue wearing masks:

Vaccines are not 100% guarantee

The success rate of vaccines is estimated at around 93% to 95%. This makes them not foolproof wearing shielding you from getting infected by a coronavirus.

According to the studies, two doses of measles vaccines were 97% more effective than COVID-19 vaccines. Moreover, the measles vaccine programs started in 1963 in the USA took almost four decades to eliminate the disease completely.

Till there is no 100% solution to coronavirus, wearing face masks is your ultimate protection cover.

Asymptomatic spreaders

Experts are more concerned about silent spreads that show no symptoms at all. Such people, even after two doses of vaccine, can spread the virus.

Moreover, scientists are still researching whether vaccination helps to stop transmission. Face masks are thus unavoidable, and you must wear them to prevent yourself from being an asymptomatic spreader.

Masks are a shield against all coronavirus strain

The new strains of coronavirus are being found in different countries. These genetic variants are even more contagious than the original variant. Studies have supported the fact that the vaccine may or may not be effective against these new strains.

Furthermore, face masks give considerable protection against any coronavirus strains. Thereby, you must wear it and follow public health measures like social distancing and avoiding crowded areas. The only way to come out safe is to wear masks and be careful.

COVID-19 even after vaccination

Cases have surfaced in which vaccinated people were also infected later by a coronavirus. Such people transmit the disease on a broader scale because they don’t take the necessary precautions, assuming they won’t be the virus carriers anymore as they are vaccinated.

If the vaccinated people wear face masks, they save the community from further transmission.

Those who can’t get vaccinated

There are a set of people who can’t get vaccinated at all. These include pregnant women, infants, and allergic people. Such groups are exposed to further vulnerability of the virus. Especially with the new variant of coronavirus kicking in, this group of people has been affected by the virus in much larger quantities.

To fight against COVID-19 and to keep everyone immune and safe, wearing a mask is really needed. You can’t expose others to high-risk situations.

Vaccination requires considerable time to take action

Since two doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccine are required, between the gap of around 3 to 4 weeks. Between the two shots, your body undergoes a biological mechanism to develop a strong immunity.

Johnson and Johnson’s vaccines only need a single dose. However, even it requires time to form antibodies. So all this while, only a mask will ensure protection.

Centre for disease control and prevention (CDC) guidelines

CDC has been monitoring the entire pandemic situation since the initial phase. In the latest April updates, they have recommended wearing masks. In fact, wearing a mask indoors is also suggested.

We are in a global medical emergency. And to prevent the spread, everybody has to be cautious enough to protect oneself and others.

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