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Blending skincare and makeup products evenly

Why are your skincare and makeup products not blending evenly?

Serums patting- done. Massaging the moisturizer- done. Pressing of SPF- done. Primer buffing-done. Blending the foundation- done. All the steps of applying the makeup are done precisely, but still, the products are peeling and clumping out of the skin surface? What can be more frustrating than this is that all your effort and time went in vain, and you have to start skincare And makeup fresh.

But following this process of applying-removing-reapplying, the products on your face is a very, very tedious task and also stressful. But why are your products peeling off from your skin, even after the correct order of applying them and using the best quality products?

The Heath Fortune has listed some of the significant reasons that may be the cause of your products not blending correctly. Read on..!

Silicones and polymer-based products

Silicones act as a moisturizing and smoothening agent in our foundations and primers. But, because of the chemical formation of silicones, they do not get absorbed rather just sit on the skin’s surface.

If, after applying silicone-based primer, you apply oil or water-based foundation, then there are chances that you will feel a fluffy-like substance in your hand. So, it is advisable to use the products with the same base (silicone, water, or oil).

If you are the person who wants an even and smooth effect, then opt for silicone-based primer, concealer, and foundation.

Shimmery or glowing makeup products have iron oxide, mica, and talc. And, when you apply such products are over the silicone-based products, then they may separate from one another and give the effect of clumpiness on the surface.

Mixing oil and water is a no-no

We all know that oil and water do not mix, and the same is the case with water-based skincare and makeup products and oil-based ones. If you think of using a primer having oil as a base and foundation with water as a base, then your makeup might just get off.

It is always a good option to start your makeup from products with a lighter base and then go to products with a heavier base. This is because lighter-based products such as water-based products absorb quickly, whereas oil-based products will develop a layer on your skin when used at the start of the makeup.

Excess is bad

There is a reason when the label on the product says to use just a pea-size amount. This is because when you are applying products such as foundation, absorbing is necessary rather than going with a lot of products. Light layers will easily melt into the skin and will give you full coverage.

No rubbing of product

Rubbing the moisturizers and serum, especially the silicon ones, on the skin can lead the products to gather up. So, to enhance absorption, the best way is to pat and press your products on the skin. This patting and pressing will save your product from traveling all around your face.

If you are a beginner and having hard times using the brushes, use your fingers or a damp beauty sponge for dabbing rather than pilling and streaking all over the face.

Exfoliation is the key

If you have dry skin, then the water-based products can stick to your skin instead of absorbing under your skin. Flaky and dry skin acts as a powder and does not let the makeup absorb properly.

Hydrating your skin thus becomes necessary, and for this purpose, adding an exfoliator to your skincare routine can benefit you a lot. Also, the hydrating leaves the skin dampened and improves absorption, which is helpful while applying makeup.

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