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Get perfect and shiny hair at the comfort of your home

Get perfect and shiny hair at the comfort of your home

Your hair is your best accessory. If you take good care of them, then the shiny locks of hair will be there for the world to see. No matter if we are ten years old or eight years old, we are obsessed with our hair. It is a common myth that you need to use expensive products or have a regular visit to salons to have the perfect hair you dream of. But in reality, there is so much that you can do by yourself to get shiny hair at home.

A balanced diet

Do you know that your hair reflects what you are from inside? To have those shiny locks and healthier hair, have a focus on the items that you consume. A good nutritious, healthy, and balanced diet has more effect on hair than any conditioner or shampoo.

Also, as our hair is 25% water, drinking a minimum of eight to ten glasses of water is a must, or you will make your hair go thirsty, and they will give a rough look.

Say no to heating products

Avoid using artificial heating styling products like flat irons, hot rollers, and blow dryers as much as possible. These products lead to artificial heating, which eventually leaves your hair damaged and brittle. Try to go for natural options.

After having a hair wash at the ambient room temperature, use a towel to soak or absorb the excess moisture from hair. Keep in mind not to rub them hard. After soaking the excess moisture from your hair, let them dry at normal room temperature. Use heat styling products only when in a hurry or when you have to give your hair a complete makeover.

Opt for the right comb/hairbrush

There are plenty of hairbrushes or combs available in the market. But not every comb is suitable for every hair type or every occasion. With the right kind of comb, unnecessary hair damage can be prevented easily.

For example, to prevent damaging your wet hair, always go for a comb with a wide-tooth. Comb your hair from end to roots and avoid touching the roots. If you try to detangle your not-so-dry hair with a steel comb, then you will be creating a lot of damage to your hair, and thus, you should not go for such coombs.

Get rid of those split ends

Split ends or trichoptilosis gives a bad look on hair smooth and shiny hair. No one likes their hair having split ends.

Floor the following easy  steps to get rid of those unwanted split ends on your own:

  • Grab a small section of your hair.
  • Twist that section in a downward motion gently and carefully.
  • You will observe split ends sticking out of the twisted section.
  • Use sharp scissors, and carefully remove the damaged, sticking-out cuticles.
  • Floor these steps on each section and cut almost the same amount of hair to have a balancing effect.

Supplements for hair loss

The process of hair loss can be slowed down or, for the better, be reversed if there are no underlying medical conditions. To regenerate the dead hair fossils, biotin is necessary. You may make a healthy drink for the same. Blend bananas with yogurt, low-fat milk, and honey and consume daily for effective results. Also, supplements such as Zinc, Vitamin B6, and Saw Palmetto helps in reversing the hair loss process. Nevertheless, make sure to eliminate stress from your life and have a good and sound sleep.

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