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Is Your Cleanser Damaging Your Skin

Is Your Cleanser Damaging Your Skin

CTM- Cleansing-Toning-Moisturising! Who hasn’t heard of this routine to have good, healthy, and well-nourished skin? As seen above, the skincare routine starts with a cleanser as it not only helps in removing impurities from the skin but also controls the excessive production of sebum, strengthens the barrier to skincare, and prevents premature aging.

So, it won’t be wrong to say that choosing the right kind of cleanser is very important. But are you able to recognize whether your cleanser is doing its job perfectly, or is it doing the opposite?

Here are some signs which will guide you that your cleanser is not suitable for you!

The feeling of Dry Skin

The primary purpose of your cleanser is to make your skin clean and soft rather than tight and dry. The dry sensation or the dryness you feel is because your cleanser damages the natural oils from your skin and thus disturbs the pH balance. So, if you ever feel even a slight dryness, then it is a clear sign to get rid of that cleanser as early as possible.


Is your cleanser making your skin sensitive, or does your skin look red after cleansing? If your response is affirmative, then it’s the sign to change your skin cleansing product. An increase in sensitivity of skin and redness are indications of weakened skin barriers. These weekend skin barriers cause other skin problems like pigmentation, spots, and dullness.

Increase in Breakouts

A good cleanser reduces impurities and infuses your skin with long-lost hydration, making your skin supple and soft. On the other hand, not-so-good cleanser damages cause your skin to generate oils in excess in order to get back the lost moisture. This generation of oils in excess clogs the pores attracts unpurified materials to the skin that lead to breakouts.

Signs of Aging

If you observe any indications of premature aging like wrinkles, fine lines, etc., then your cleanser is at fault. The dryness of the skin and weakened skin barriers make your skin prone to free radicals from environmental damage.

Increase in Pigmentation

Any newly observed pigmentation on your skin might be because of your cleansing products or underlying health issues. You need to get tested by an expert, and if all is well from the expert’s end, then you need to change your cleaning products to avoid getting any new pigmentation or spots on your skin.

No Improvement After Usage

A good cleanser, in the long run, will make your skin feel fresh, supple, soft, clean, healthy, and glowing. But even after continuous use of your cleanser for an extended period of time and still not getting any visible result, it is a sign that the particular cleanser is not helping you out. In such a case, you need to change the cleanser for your skin’s good health.

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